Food and Restaurants

Nottingham has a wealth of fantastic places to eat. Choose from unique independents, well-loved chains — or even a Michelin Star winner. Our faves are Jamie's, Tarn Thai, and Desi. For the best burger, book early for Annie's.

Jamie’s Italian

Ours might be the best Jamie’s Italian. It respectfully fills a wonderful Georgian townhouse making it cosy with a variety of great rooms. The garden is a treat in warm weather.

4550 Miles From Delhi

Situated on Maid Marian Way, this well-loved indian restaurant is lively and always popular. There is a tuk-tuk stuck on the exterior, of course.

Desi Downtown

Good and proper Indian restaurant near the Ice Arena. Ideal if you are on that side of town. Nottingham folk love this place.

Tarn Thai

Probably our best Thai restaurant, with a huge choice of incredible food — even for those who fear spices. Beautiful, spacious interior with big comfy seats.


A delightful Japanese restaurant. Authentic, friendly, and affordable. Everyone who goes here goes back. After your amazing main, have green tea ice cream. Yum.

Annie’s Burger Shack

Originally from Rhode Island, Annie makes burgers the authentic American way, and many say they're the best in the UK. This place is incredibly popular, so book ahead or risk disappointment.


This gem is tucked away in the Shire Hall / Galleries of Justice, and is loved for it’s rustic Spanish tapas in a dark vaulted setting. Definitely try to book in advance.


Well-respected Japanese food chain. Ideal if you just want a no-fuss ramen or some noodles.

French Living

Family owned brasserie that thinks it’s in France. French food, French waiters, French chefs. Has a café/creperie next door too.

Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill

This salty favourite is paradise if thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy.

World Service

Often voted one of the best restaurants in Nottingham, this is a real treat and worth every penny. Incredible service too.

Sat Bains

A couple of miles outside the city but it does have two Michelin Stars so if you really dig amazing food experiences, it’s worth your time and money. Book well ahead.